Potty Training Consulting

My potty training philosophy

In our culture, the very words “potty training” can fill parents with dread. It’s my goal to guide parents and give them the tools to potty train in a way that is both respectful of their child and that feels right for their family.

I first became interested in potty training while living in Ethiopia. It quickly became clear that diapers were used only occasionally and not 24/7. My curiosity led me to learn about elimination communication, a practice where parents use their infant's cues and timing to learn when they need to go and hold them over a potty – instead of using a diaper. In countries where this is practiced, children are potty trained between 12 and 18 months old.

I love the Oh Crap! Potty Training method because it works for 18-month-olds as well as 3.5-year-olds. It is respectful of each child’s inherent capabilities and meets parents where they are, whether they’ve been practicing elimination communication or using disposable diapers full-time.

My personalized consulting service

My private consulting service includes the following:

  • Learning about your environment. I will do a one-hour, in-home consultation session, which allows me to learn about your space, your potty training child, and your family dynamics.

  • Giving personalized recommendations. Following the consultation, I will provide a set of recommendations that give you a personal blueprint for using the Oh Crap! method.

  • Access to my online forum. Since you will likely have other questions along the way, you will get one month of access to my online forum, where you can ask me questions and review other parents’ questions that were previously asked and answered. Any questions you ask here will be answered within 24 hours of posting. (You may begin your one month of access whenever you choose.)

The fee for this service is $150.

In-home ‘Potty Parties’

You may also organize and host a Potty Party, or a private gathering of you and your friends where I would facilitate an Oh Crap! Potty Training 101 session. This service is ideal if you have other friends and acquaintances who are interested in learning the Oh Crap! method, and/or if you don’t prefer to attend any of my publicly available training events.

  • Session duration: 1.5 hours

  • Attendee limit: 10 adults (children are welcome, of course!)

  • Date and time: As agreed upon with the trainer

  • Location: Your home

The fee for this service is $100.


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